Friday, 1 May 2015

Registering Your Research Data

If your research is funded by EPSRC and you will publish results on or after 1st May 2015, you need to make the research data available for access (in other words ‘published’). The research data will need registering so that a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) may be issued and a record created in the University of Sheffield Data Catalogue.

As the data catalogue is not yet up and running, we are compiling information about research data in readiness.
  1. If you have already published your research data, by depositing it in a data repository or data centre, and it has been issued a DOI or similar identifier, please send an email to, including the DOI (or equivalent identifier), funder organisation name and grant number.
  2. If you have already published your research data but have not had a DOI issued, please use this form at to generate a metadata XML file for you to download or copy.  Please then send a copy of the metadata.xml file to, and we should be able to mint a DOI for your data.
  3. If you have yet to publish your data, you may use this form to generate a metadata XML file to download or copy. This may be sent to ahead of publication so that there is a record already in the data catalogue and a DOI may be issued on publication of the research data.

We will be grateful for any feedback regarding these forms.

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