Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Attention EPSRC grant holders

On 10th March EPSRC grant holders at the university were sent an email reminding them of the EPSRC expectations regarding the management of research data. EPSRC will expect compliance with these expectations if your research outputs are published on or after 1st May 2015. EPSRC will be monitoring compliance from that date.

The EPSRC expectations are available here:

The email is repeated below:

Dear colleagues

We are writing holders of active EPSRC funding to remind you that EPSRC's expectations about research data are changing.

The Research Councils have a common set of principles on publicly funded research data: briefly that they are a public good and should be made openly available, with as few restrictions as possible, in a timely and responsible manner which does not harm IP.

All RCs are aware that there may be ethical and commercial issues and support a period of privileged access for researchers.  However, they expect that we will make metadata available which enable other researchers to understand the potential for further research and re-use of data and also that published research will include information about how to access the underlying data.

EPSRC is the first Council which has set a start date beyond which they expect: (a) researchers to be aware of their obligations; and (b) institutions to have support in place to enable the metadata to be recorded and visible externally; and (c) that there is a mechanism in place to request the data.  

This affects EPSRC funded research published after May 1st 2015.

R&IS, the Library and CiCs are working to build on our existing systems to enable this, and we will be in contact shortly with more detailed guidance and information about how to obtain support.
In the meantime, please use as a contact point in any articles or conference proceedings which report the findings of EPSRC-funded research for further information about underlying data.  If you require further guidance about metadata, this is also available

Best wishes,

On behalf of R&IS, Library and CiCs

Deborah McClean
Head of Operations and Assistant Director 
of Research & Innovation Services

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