Friday, 26 September 2014

Research Data MANTRA (Management Training) online course for researchers

If you are interested in developing an awareness of good practice in research data management then the newly revised and updated open, online training course Research Data MANTRA is definitely worth a visit.

Research Data MANTRA
MANTRA is maintained by EDINA and Data Library, a division of Information Services, University of Edinburgh and this free online course is designed for researchers or others who manage digital data as part of a research project. 

This fourth release of MANTRA has been revised and systematically updated with new content, videos, reading lists, and interactive quizzes. 

New content in the online learning modules with the September, 2014 release include:

  • New video footage from previous interviewees and introducing Richard Rodger, Professor of Economic and Social History and Stephen Lawrie, Professor of Psychiatry & Neuro-Imaging
  • Big Data now in Research Data Explained
  • Data citation and ‘reproducible research’ added to Documentation and Metadata
  • Safe password practice and more on encryption in Storage and Security
  • Refined information about the DPA and IPR in Data Protection, Rights and Access
  • Linked Open Data and CC 4.0 and CC0 now covered in Sharing, Preservation & Licensing
Good research data management skills enable researchers to better organise, document, store and share data, making research more reproducible and preserving it for future use. 

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