Friday, 18 July 2014

BBSRC drop-in research data management clinic

Are you funded by the BBSRC and want to find out more about their research data management expectations? Drop in to Western Bank Library and see the University research data management team on Monday 21st July.
The clinic will provide you with an opportunity to discuss research data management planning and will help you to:
v Satisfy and comply with BBSRC research data expectations for data discoverability
v Get a further understanding of free data management planning tools that are available, such as the DMPOnline
v Learn about the role of subject / disciplinary repositories and data deposit
So, if you have a burning question on how to manage your research data please do drop-in and see us. Bring along any draft data management plans (DMPs) you may already be working on.
Some common research data management concerns include:
v What are the legal and ethical issues surrounding my research data?
v Do I need a data management plan as part of my funding application?
v How do I securely store my data and back it up?
v What does my research funder require me to do with my data?
v What are good ways to organise data and document it?
Event details:
Date:                Monday 21st July 2014
Location:        Western Bank Library
Time:               12:00 – 14:00
More information on research data management is available from the University research data management website.

For further information please contact the Research Data Management Coordinator at

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