Friday, 10 January 2014

NERC and minting a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

An interesting announcement this week from NERC and their ability to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to datasets held in Environmental Data Centres. Assigning DOIs will enhance the discoverability of research data by making it easier for data users to find and cite data and also give credit to the data producers.

NERC recommends that all data referenced in scientific publications should be formally cited and acknowledged and there are certain quality requirements that need to be met for data to be assigned a DOI.

They have produced guidance for NERC scientists wishing to have DOIs assigned to their datasets and further information is available from their Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) Web page.

The guidance is in a Q&A format, from the perspective of a data producer, and it includes useful information on how data citation fits in with a data management plan (DMP).

If you want to find out more about data citation you may find some of these resources useful:

DataCite - why cite data?

"Out of Cite, Out of Mind: The Current State of Practice, Policy, and Technology for the Citation of Data". Produced by the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practices, 2013

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